New Website

2011-12-01 23:17:47 by Spritegenius

For anyone that gives a figgity fuck, we have a new website. Juice Box Studios website. Click that shit!

TGSET 3 Teaser

2010-10-11 23:37:52 by Spritegenius

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Due to continuous support and constant emails asking for a 3rd installment to our series, we are pleased to announce that on the 15th of January, 2011, we will be releasing TGSET (The Greatest Story Ever Told) 3.

The above was a small teaser that I made just so the flick would have the slightest bit of media. There is not enough of the movie made to release a full length trailer at this time. Expect that in the months to follow.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the series, please take a second to watch the first two installments (NSFW warning):

We will be opening the website for Juice Box Studios in a few days.

Go check out TGSET 2 NOW!

Working on two things. Neither of which are TGSET 3.

Working on a Zelda movie entitled Zelda, The Greatest Legend Ever Told with Saul. Following the same style as TGSET.

And I'm also planning on finishing up my solo project, MMORPG 1.2.


TGSET 2 Soon

2007-07-20 08:55:55 by Spritegenius